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Hytek Files

  • Click on link to download files, select Save when asked and then save the file to your C:\ drive.
  • The files are compressed so you will have to extract the Meet Manager file
  • Then open Meet Manager / Team Manager and use file open to access the file downloaded,
  • The files will not open directly as they are password protected and will only open using the appropriate program
Before you download a Database or an Events file please check target pool size

Meet Manager Database

  • Download and save to disk
  • Rename division, year and round.
  • Open Meet Manager.
  • Use File Open to access.
  • Use setup to change name to Crusader- Div nn Round nn, change date and location
  • Load up swims as required.
  • Use for gala.

Team Manager Events File

  • Download and save to disk
  • Open Team Manager
  • Open database if not already open
  • Use File Import to load
  • Look at Meets should have loaded a meet, with times, events etc.
  • Open Meet created
  • Rename to Crusader- Div nn Round nn, change date and location

Suggested Hytek Procedure

  • All clubs download Crusader Hytek Events file relevant to the pool size and import to their Hytek Team Manager changes date, location etc.
  • Visiting clubs set up their team within their Hytek Team Manager, export and email entry files to the host club, Thursday / Friday or by memory stick prior to gala.
  • Email to visiting clubs requesting HyTek entry files by Thursday Evening.
  • Remind visiting clubs time slips with swimmers initials will be required.
  • Get Hytek entry files via email and your clubs..
  • Drag from email and put to c:\Tmidata
  • Prior to their meet the Host Club downloads the relevant Hytek Meet Manager database, relevant to the pool size, changes date, location etc. save to c:\Tmidata
  • Fire up Meet Manager
  • Open Meet Manager database in c:\Tmidata
  • Select Setup and change Gala name ( Div n , Round n) , Date , Location
  • Ensure it is set to
    • Age Up Date – per galas page
    • ID Format – UK – United Kingdom ASA
    • Base Country – Other
    • Class – age Group
    • DQ Codes – UK – ASA DQ Codes
    • Meet Type – By event
    • Meet Style – 2 Team Dual
    • Course meters / yards to match your pool
    • Details of how to get double points for Canon
  • File / import / Meet entries for each team
  • Remind team managers amended Hytek entry files can be accepted via memory stick prior to warm up.
  • If amended Hytek File on day, in Meet manager remove team to reload this will remove swimmers and swims as well, then re import new entry file.
  • Do lane draw
  • Remind team managers to make any last minute changes on time slips by writing swimmers full name.
  • Set-up / seeding preferences / Duel meet / drag each team to correct lane
  • Seeding / clockwise arrow to select all / traffic light to seed
  • Check only one heat per event / if two need to go to run find that event and delete extra swimmer / reseed
  • Run / swimmers should be in correct lanes etc
  • Gala is run; times or positions are entered into Hytek Meet Manager Database with DQ’s etc.
  • None scoring swims set to Exhibition (box next to dq box)
  • Check last event Cannon double score
  • May need to run Reports / Scores to display final scores on screen
    • At gala end check time slips for any changes, list on email and email to me
  • Make note of any DQ’s and if not able to set on Hytek note on email
  • After gala Host club
    • check swimmers time slips against entered Hytek Meet Manager Database names and adjust accordingly.
    • runs Hytek Meet Manager exception report to check number of swims per swimmer etc. (penalty accordingly)
  • The Hytek Meet Manager Database is then zipped and emailed to League Secretary
  • League Secretary verifies all the swimmers within the Hytek Meet Manager Database against SE membership. Thus no need for registration, team sheets or any other paper work.
  • League Secretary then able to put results report on website.
  • Results for each club are exported from the Hytek Meet Manager Database and emailed to each club.