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As host club I presume we book pool?

  • Yes and cover cost

Can times be chosen or do we have to stick to 5.30 warm up and 6pm start?

  • Time has been arranged at previous meeting and is currently on website,
  • the host club is responsible to ensuring that all visiting clubs are aware of location, date and time of gala.
  • Get confirmation from each club, as club reps tend to change and if by chance you send info to a rep whose kids no longer swim, they will probably not pass it on.
  • There is times when times have to be changed, if this happens please ensure visiting clubs are aware and let me know. Do not presume visiting clubs know.
  • As in the last year there has been cases in other league where clubs have arrived for a gala to find not only the day changed but the pool as well.

Who pays for the hire of the pool and electronic timing?

  • The home club covers all costs, electronic timing is not required as manual timekeepers are placed on each lane.
  • Each club has to supply one or more timekeepers.
  • Chief timekeeper collects time slips and finish slips from referee, then checks them and passes to the recorders.
  • Each club supplies pre-completed time slips with event and swimmers names, (by 4 names for relay)

The entry and raffle fees which go towards the hire of the pool – do these go to the club or the league? Are there recommendations for entry charges?

  • All monies go to host club to help cover cost of pool
  • Common sense prevails with charges, you are better with 50 people paying ?1.50 that 10 paying ?2.50,
  • Be aware parents tend to remember when it is expensive, and may not come next time.

The “gala to do list” states home club provides drinks for officials but at the last two galas

  • To stand on poolside as an official for up to 4 hours with no break or drink can be quite a task, even worse for a full day.
  • As an ASA official when clubs contact me for help at their galas, if the last time it was unacceptable I bin the requests,
  • People will help you if you help them.
  • Normally the simplest way is to buy 10 pence bottles of water froNormally the simplest way is to buy 10 pence bottles of water from Aldi and work on one bottle every two hours

As this is the last gala in the league does someone from the league come to present winning club with trophy and which club currently has trophy?

  • The trophy is normally provisionally presented on the night . present the trophy.
  • Check the website for last year’s winners, and contact them to arrange collection

Do results have to be verified by results secretary before winning club can be announced or is this done retrospectively?

  • Retrospectively, but we normally know who has won.

Lane draw – can this be done prior to the gala or does it need to be done on the night?

  • Each team manager picks a lane out of a hat on the night, usually when they hand over the team sheet.