The Crusader League consists of teams in and around the potteries area, with teams partaking from as far a field as Buxton in the east to Newport in the west, With galas held in the first few months of each year,
  • The age groups are
    • 10 and under
    • 12 and under
    • 14 and under
    • Open
  • The ages for these leagues are as at a fixed date determined by the last day of the competition each year.
  • A swimmer must of reached 9 years of age on or before the last day of the competition, usually towards the end of June.
  • The changes to be introduced from 1st September 2007, now state that for Racing, that is speed swimming, the age of the swimmer will be calculated at midnight on the day of the event or the final day of a series of events forming part of one  competition. ASA Law 411.5
  • The minimum age for competing in Leagues is the same as Open competition as in ASA Law 411.5.3 being 9yrs. There is no difference between individual events and relays. This means that all competitors must be 9yrs old on the last day of your competition whenever that is
  • As the League consist of a series of galas, members of each division host their own gala against other members of that division, with a system promotion and relegation between the divisions accordingly.
  • This has been changed since the 2013 season to be three divisons of four teams each holding three galas.

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